National Showcase: Celebrating small businesses in NSW


March marks the largest National Showcase to date, featuring 13 products from all corners of New South Wales, spanning from its mountains to coastlines.  

Once again, in collaboration with parliamentarians, Parliament Shop proudly presents a diverse array of exceptional products, spotlighting the creativity and innovation of small businesses across the region. 


Toasted Protein Flakes by Lupins for Life (Jindera)  

Providing a pure, plant-based protein sourced from 100% Australian sweet lupins, Lupins for Life offers an alternative to traditional protein sources through their toasted protein flakes.  

With a nutty flavor and the highest protein content among lupins in Australia, these flakes can be effortlessly incorporated into your muesli, yogurt, salads for added crunch, or used in slices, biscuits, or cakes. 


Eucalyptus Goat's Milk Soap by Sunhill Skin Essentials (Uralla)  

Ideal for daily use on both the body and hands, treat yourself to the nourishing qualities of Sunhill Skin Essentials' all-natural goat milk soap infused with Australian eucalyptus. 

Did you know that goat’s milk, a key ingredient, shares the same pH as human skin? This ensures the soap maintains the skin's natural balance and moisture, without irritation. 


Traditional Tomato Relish by Jill’s Cuisine (Jindera)  

This relish has a traditional touch, crafted from locally grown produce since 1992 by Jill’s Cuisine. Retaining its authentic flavor, it pairs perfectly with a variety of foods—great with eggs, sausage dishes, sandwiches, or as a condiment with cold meats. 

Blackberry Jam by Batlow Bees n Berries (Batlow) 

Batlow Bees n Berries - a charming business nestled in the Snowy Mountains, growing their own raspberries, blackberries, and boysenberries and transforming them into delicious jams. 

Versatile in its uses, spread this delectable jam on toast, use it as a cake filling, or swirl it into yogurt or porridge. For a creative twist, try it as a glaze for meats or vegetables, or as a topping for ice cream or cheesecake.  


Raspberry Jam by Quincey Jones Jelly Co. (Moama) 

Why settle for one jam when you can have two! Indulge in the vibrant colour, tartness, and smooth flavour of this award-winning, three ingredient jam crafted by Quincey Jones Jelly Co.  

Ideal for spreading on morning toast, scones, or a sponge cake, it's another simple yet indulgent treat for your taste buds. 


Limoncello Liqueur by Cello Liqueur (Smithfield) 

Limoncello from Cello Liqueur is made with quality ingredients with a recipe that has been passed down and perfected by the Cece family for years.  

Limoncello makes for an enjoyable sweet treat after dinner and is best served straight from the freezer, poured into a glass with crushed ice or as an ingredient in cocktails. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil by The Snowy Mountains Eucalyptus Oil Company (Jindabyne) 

Crafted in small batches from handpicked Eucalyptus Radiata (Narrow-Leaved Peppermint) and distilled using pure mountain rainwater by The Snowy Mountains Eucalyptus Oil Company, this essential oil captures the pure essence of the tree. 

Free from additives, solvents, or harsh chemicals, it guarantees a natural and calming experience with every use. 

Magpie Talk Socks (Mount Victoria)  

What better way to add a splash of colour to your outfit than these magpie talk socks?  

Designed by Kara Cooper of Mount Vic and Me, these Australian-made socks offer exceptional comfort and a shot of colour, capturing the essence of Australiana at its finest.  

Australia Bush Candle by Lumière Home (Ingleburn) 

Experience the essence of the Australian bush with Lumière Home's triple-scented soy blend wax candle. Taking you on a journey to the outback, the candle offers refreshing notes of lemon, pine needle, and eucalyptus. 

Lumière Home is a social enterprise, proudly offering meaningful employment opportunities for those facing barriers to mainstream employment. With every candle, you're lighting the way to a brighter future for individuals with disabilities or other barriers. 


Cricket Protein Corn Chips by Circle Harvest (Sydney) 

Circle Harvest, Australia's pioneering edible insect farm, presents Cricket Protein Corn Chips! 

Crafted with all-natural ingredients, and featuring the bonus of invisible cricket protein, these chips offer a nutritious and delicious snack experience while serving as an excellent source of protein. 

Tilba Silhouette Mug by Corkhill Corner Ceramics (Tilba) 

This stunning mug reflects the breathtaking scenery of Mt Gulaga, the surrounding gum trees, rolling pastures, and the charming Jersey Cows at Tilba Dairy. 

Handmade by Jo Weire of Corkhill Corner Ceramics, the mug evokes the true beauty of the countryside and is perfect for bringing a slice of Australian country life home with you. 

Night Cream by Saarinen Organics 

Formulated with Vitamin E and a unique blend of nettle, chamomile, and calendula is Saarinen Organic’s Night Cream.  

Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, the brand uses certified organic herbs from their very own permaculture farm. Embracing regenerative farming and operating on a 100% stand-alone solar energy system, their night cream alongside their entire skincare line embodies sustainable living. 

Fig & Olive Perfume 

The Perfume & Skincare Company introduces its Signature Fragrance, evoking the essence of strolling through a Tuscan Olive grove amidst fig trees on a warm midsummer's day.  

With deep, woody undertones and a subtle, salty citrus top note, complemented by a touch of Bergamot, this fragrance is unique and bound to turn heads when you walk past.