Stock with us

Parliament Shop occupies a small space at the front of the building, next to the Marble Foyer. Due to its size, visibility, relationship to the Australian parliament, and commercial obligations, the shop product range is carefully managed.

Product categories available for sale include books, souvenirs, and gifts. To be selected for sale at the Parliament Shop, products must: have a connection to place; be unique; aim to be Australian and locally made; and be sustainable and commercially viable.

If you have a product you’d like us to consider for the Parliament Shop, please contact email. Please note that product proposals must be received in writing.

National Showcase

The National Showcase is a new program that will help to promote Australian made products from across the nation in the Parliament Shop. The program will be a collaboration with Parliamentarians who will be encouraged to share this opportunity for Australian businesses to their networks and electorates. The program is administered by the Department of Parliamentary Services.

Suppliers from across Australia are invited to apply online to have their products featured in a month-long showcase of individual states and territories in the Parliament Shop. This is not only a great way to discover new products for sale at Parliament House, but also a great way for the Parliament to support Australian suppliers in every state and territory. For more information, or to apply online, visit the National Showcase page on