Burning Down the House: Reconstructing Modern Politics

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Burning Down the House tells the story of how our political system went awry. Debunking the notion that we’ve ever had a two-party system, it examines how with a recent dance card that has gone way beyond Labor and Liberal to encompass the Nationals, Greens, Centre Alliance and a whole host of RWNJs Australia has now arrived at a place where a group of the most unlikely politicians contemplated the sort of Australia they wanted responsible, humane, moral and concluded that was not the Australia reflected in our current toxic politics. Into the breach has stepped a range of independents beholden to no-one but themselves and their electorates, ordinary Australians determined to burn it all down and build something new.


About the author: 

Jo Dyer is a writer, literary curator and producer of theatre and film. Most recently Director of Adelaide Writers’ Week, Jo has held leadership roles at national cultural institutions such as Sydney Writers’ Festival, Sydney Theatre Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre. Her freelance productions have been staged at venues that include the Sydney Opera House, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai, and the legendary Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas, and her films have won awards and screened worldwide, notably at the Berlin International Film Festival. 


Product details:

Author: Jo Dyer

Publisher: Monash University Publishing

Dimensions: 114 x 10 x 184 mm

Pages: 90

Format: Paperback

Publication date: 15 February 2022

ISBN: 9781922633002


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