The Wit of Whitlam

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Self proclaimed international treasure, Gough Whitlam never shied from witty one liners, colourful language or devastating put downs. He said his wife Margaret was his ‘best appointment’, called Malcolm Fraser ‘Kerr's cur’ after the Dismissal and when Sir Winton Turnbull called out in parliament ‘I am a country member’, Gough interjected ‘I remember’.

When it was suggested he was funny, Gough responded: ‘Funny! Funny? Witty, yes. Epigrammatic perhaps, but not funny. You make me sound like a clown.’

James Carleton, Radio National presenter and founder of the university club ‘The Dewy-Eyed Whitlamites’ presents a keepsake of Goughisms that prove the great man’s words: ‘I never said I was immortal, merely eternal.’


About the author:

James Carleton is a reporter and alternate presenter of Radio National’s Breakfast program. Specialising in national and international politics, especially the Middle East, he has reported for 7:30 and written for the Sydney Morning Herald.


Product details: 

Author: James Carleton

Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing

Dimensions: 111 x 20 x 181  mm

Pages: 168

Format: Paperback

Publication date: 13 December 2014

ISBN: 9780522868081


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